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  1. People in the Know: Nighttime Blood Sugar Checks
  2. How to Treat Low Blood Sugar at Night | Diabetes Strong
  3. Signs & symptoms of low blood sugar
  5. How Sleep Affects Your Blood Sugar

People in the Know: Nighttime Blood Sugar Checks

This means you should avoid exercising in the two hours before bedtime. Alcohol consumption can also increase the risk for nighttime hypoglycemia, so avoid regular consumption of alcohol. On special occasions, drink only in moderation — no more than one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men — and don't wait to indulge with a before-bed nightcap.

If you do have a drink in the evening, enjoying it with food can minimize the chance of low blood sugar while you sleep. If you frequently wake up with symptoms of low blood sugar, have something available at your bedside, such as a soda or some juice, so you can react immediately without having to get out of bed to treat it. If low blood sugar at night is a common problem for you, talk to your doctor about changing your diabetes treatment plan to better control your nighttime glucose levels.

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Special Reports. Type 2 Diabetes. By Jennifer Warner.

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Last Updated: September 12, Hypertension is another term for high blood pressure and it occurs when your body has built up too much resistance in your arteries, so pumping blood throughout your body becomes extremely difficult. This affects how hard your heart has to work when it pumps blood. By working more, your heart becomes strained and will not function at its optimum capacity. Over time, hypertension can seriously affect your health by potentially causing heart disease, stroke and congestive heart failure among many other problems.

Having a weak heart can also open you up to serious vulnerabilities later in life. It is not all bad news, however, if you are suffering from hypertension.

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High blood pressure is highly treatable. A healthy diet, sleeping well, and exercise can all improve conditions of hypertension. Getting your blood pressure checked regularly can also help catch symptoms of other more intense problems earlier.

How to Treat Low Blood Sugar at Night | Diabetes Strong

There is a clear link between the amount of sleep someone gets and their risk of high blood pressure. This issue can be avoided by getting the recommended amount of sleep each and every night, which varies person to person. Continued lack of sleep can only compound this effect. Without proper sleep to revitalize your body, you could be stressing yourself without even realizing it until it is too late. If you suffer from sleep apnea , having hypertension can be an added headache.

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Sleep apnea is caused, most commonly, by the back of the throat relaxing and restricting airflow into the body. Those suffering from sleep apnea were more at risk of having high blood pressure. When suffering from hypertension and sleep apnea together, oxygen flowing through the body is greatly reduced. Sleep apnea can increase blood pressure by reducing oxygen that you are intaking.

The higher your blood pressure climbs, the more at risk you are for serious health problems like congestive heart failure and stroke.

Signs & symptoms of low blood sugar

There is good news if you are battling hypertension. Symptoms can be caught quickly with regular physicals. The treatment for high blood pressure is manageable. Simple changes to diet, exercise and sleeping habits can make a huge difference in your life.


If you have a history of high blood pressure in your family, it is a good idea to keep up with regular check ups because hypertension is hereditary. Catching it earlier will lower your risk of bigger issues down the line. While diet and exercise are extremely important to treating hypertension, sleep is a daily activity that most neglect in their treatment plan. By changing how you sleep and what you sleep on, you can greatly impact your blood pressure.

If you feel groggy and in pain in the morning, it may be a sign that it is time to upgrade your mattress. Traditional innerspring mattresses typically start becoming less comfortable around the eighth year of use.

How Sleep Affects Your Blood Sugar

Choose the right mattress for your sleeping style to make sure you are as comfortable as possible as you sleep. Less tossing and turning in the middle of the night means more time getting good, restful sleep. Beyond making your bed as comfortable as possible, sheets that have Celliant in them are also a great investment for getting better sleep and improving your overall health.

While it may be newer in the bedding industry, Celliant has previously been woven into athletic clothing to help athletes get as much oxygen flowing through their system so that they can perform at their peak. This proven benefit can also help your body as you sleep. Celliant is a clinically proven technology that increases oxygen in the blood stream, which can help reduce pain.