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How Most Children Learn to Read | Reading Rockets

Fans of Frog and Toad will adore this new series about another unlikely pair. Arnold the bear is thoughtful and patient while Louise the chipmunk is loud and energetic. Though completely different, the two are best friends. This long-running and fan-favorite series starring a kid detective will appeal to avid and reluctant readers alike. Beware: You may end up with a budding detective of your own!


This series is about a princess, but by no means is she a girly character. Instead, she wants to go to Knight School to learn to wield a sword and slay dragons. But first she must prove her valor by completing a Quest for Kindness. Featuring a quirky cast of characters and their hilarious escapades, expect lots of belly laughs from boys and girls alike.

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Mercy is treated as a member of the family, despite being a giant pig. Her size and animal nature get her into a lot of trouble around her house and neighborhood.

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The illustrations are colorful and comical, perfectly capturing the hilarity of the stories. If your daughter is like mine and loves princesses AND superheroes, this is the series for you! Princess Magnolia has a secret life fighting monsters. Just make sure you picked some of the slightly challenging ones first.

6 Early Reader Books That Absolutely Rock

Let them pick out a couple of those to read together. This lets you model that you enjoy reading and think it is important. It shows you think that with help they will grow their reading skills and it offers you a wonderful opportunity to spend time together.

If you forget the steps, just look for the wooden blocks in the Early Reader collection. They have the steps written in English and Spanish to remind you. Betty Jean is a youth librarian who loves sharing her love of reading and knows the importance of books to prepare for the future.

Early readers vs. Picture books

I, myself, feel fully prepared to meet an alien, time travel, visit a parallel dimension, find a mermaid in the ocean, live in a world where magic has supplanted technology, and survive the apocalypse…. Skip to content. Search our Digital Downloads for free music, ebooks, audiobooks and magazines.

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See you in the Easy Readers! Betty Jean Neal.