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  1. Ghana is undergoing a multi-level digital disruption
  2. A guide to Ghanaian slang & dialect | Time Out Accra
  3. I speak Twi fluently even though I have been to Ghana just once - Celtic's Jeremie Frimpong

Narrated with humor, the book is Nana's eloquence at its best. Nana Awere Damoah was born in Accra, Ghana. Nana spent all his secondary or high school years at Ghana National College, Cape Coast, Ghana and speaks fondly of growing up in the suburb of Kotobabi, in the Ghanaian capital, where he started his education at the local Providence Preparatory School. Nana started writing seriously in when he was in the sixth form and has had a number of his short stories published in the Mirror and the Spectator. He maintains two personal blogs at www.

Indeed, what differences? Allow me then to be more specific.

Ga Tutorials(Ghanaian Language)

You know you are in Ghana Senegal when street lights are visible decorations by day and invisible shadows by night. You know you are in Ghana Senegal when a politician pays you to get him into office only for you to pay him when he gets out of office.

I am found myself nodding and laughing continuously while reading this book, which is a good think. It only means that the Pan-Africanism dream is not that elusive. It is still possible since we share so many similarities.

Ghana is undergoing a multi-level digital disruption

However, I must also point out that, as the title suggested very well, there were a lot of Ghanamanism Wait-o, is that a world? I really need to visit!

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Before reading it, I used to think that it was a work of fiction. Nana called this genre: t he creative non-fiction. And you now what I love it very much and I am sure you will too.

A guide to Ghanaian slang & dialect | Time Out Accra

Pan-Africanism: I used to be a fervent believer of this notion. Regardless of their respectives identities and origins, all Africans should come together and build the continent. A common ground culture, language… must be found as the basis for such a project.

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  7. Really, I used to strongly believe in it. Fast forward , I still believe in it. I really do! Maybe, if we want to build a united Africa that is where we should start. In School! But on a more serious note, Nana has ,indeed, highlighted a very important issue here.

    I speak Twi fluently even though I have been to Ghana just once - Celtic's Jeremie Frimpong

    It is very hard to believe,after all, we are in ! However, among these dialects only three are officially recognized; Akuapem Twi, Asante Twi and Fante. Ewe is a Gbe language, part of Volta-Niger branch of the Niger-Congo family with increasing population of about 2,, in Ghana This Ghana language is made of two ethnic languages; Dagaare and Dagbanli. It is spoken by Dagombas in the Northern Region of Ghana. Classified as one of the Ga-Dangme languages within the Kwa branch. Ga is the name of the tribe and a Kwa language which is a part of the Niger- Gongo family and closely related to Adangme and together they form Ga — Dangme branch within Kwa.