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  1. Dad wanted me to go to sea... he didn't mean musician on P&O...
  2. "How Far I'll Go" lyrics
  3. Sting | News | Dad wanted me to go to sea he didn't mean musician on P&O
  4. Think I'll Go Inside Songtext

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Dad wanted me to go to sea... he didn't mean musician on P&O...

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"How Far I'll Go" lyrics

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    Hugh van Cuylenburg. On their latest for the great Goner Records, Memphis group Aquarian Blood reinvent themselves, delivering a batch of spectral dark folk. Sidewalkin' by the cigarette bums. An album of garage punk stompers that will stick in your ears like bubblegum to your shoes. New Futures by Wild Wing. The raucous latest album from L. Tight, funny, and politically pointed country-inflected punk jams from Los Angeles. An in-depth look at the music, life, and influence of beloved artist Arthur Russell. Explore music. Some of the best, well rounded songs they have ever written are present here.

    Looking forward to screaming the lyrics back from the crowed! Favorite track: Make Mine Neat. Haley M. Tierney Atkinson. Jacob W. John Siddall. Adam McMenemy.

    Sting | News | Dad wanted me to go to sea he didn't mean musician on P&O

    Moana thinks something is wrong with her because she doesn't fit into her place in society. She has put a lot of effort into fitting in, but it's still not working. She wants something different. Moana wants to explore the sea the unknown beyond her society's little world. The light on the sea is positive symbolism. Light is holy, moral and illuminating.

    This is partly because light lets us see, and seeing lets us understand and deal with the world. But the sea is difficult to deal with. Her society is blind to what the unknown is like. Moana can't currently see the world she wants to explore, but she believes it will be illuminating to go there. The unknown is scary and dangerous. You don't know how to control and organize it and put it in a safe, bounded structure. Moana wants to cross lines explore outside boundaries, break rules. She's inspired to do this. She finds it appealing. She has an energetic, adventurous, heroic spirit. I think it was an awesome song.