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We view our role in conservation in Africa as: - Ensuring sustainable protection of carbon sinks and biodiversity through the creation of viable ecotourism businesses. In order to allow our environmental team to most effectively coordinate our conservation activities further, at the same time insuring financial viability, we have four key elements which make up our environmental and conservation strategy: 1.

Operational Sustainability: The management of our front-and-back-of-house operations in the most sustainable and environmentally sensitive way possible through the use of minimum standards, measurement, efficiencies, renewable energy technologies and education of our staff and guests to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint. Community Engagement: The honest, mutually beneficial and dignified engagement of our rural community partners in ways that ensure sustainability beyond the lifespan and aegis of our organisation and which deliver a meaningful and life-changing share of the proceeds of responsible ecotourism to all stakeholders.

Biological Diversity: The measurement and understanding of our biodiversity footprint and its management, and where relevant the enhancement of indigenous species richness through reintroductions and research projects - in short, the fulfilling of our obligations as custodians of nearly 3 million hectares of wild areas in southern Africa. At this time two guides with a desire to improve the way in which safaris were operated started Wilderness Safaris. They both had an intense and intrinsic love of the environment and the continent and believed fervently that time was ripe for change.

After setting up an operation in Maun, Botswana, vehicles and mobile camps were improved - and the concept and company began to spread out into neighbouring countries. By the nineties, Wilderness was a well-known mobile camping safari company and had begun to develop a few permanent camps. An important development at this time was the introduction of meaningful community involvement in both ownership and operating of concessions.

Although this was already happening at Rocktail Bay, South Africa, the model that was developed between Wilderness Safaris Namibia and the people of the Damaraland area set new standards for the industry. So successful was this project that the area was declared a Conservancy by the Namibian Government. Today, the scope and variety of areas that Wilderness currently manages is beyond compare. Our mobile camping safaris have also undergone development in that we now operate largely in our concession areas, allowing greater privacy and exclusivity than we had when the company was started.

In a sense, this has taken us back to our roots, which is pleasing for a group of people who take pride in where they have come from and seek to remain true to their origins. We believe the single most important achievement by Wilderness Safaris to date is to have built a sustainable business model that does not compromise its environmental principles and which, through jobs, training, skills, careers, adjusted horizons and hope, provides a realistic alternative to Africa's challenges.

The fact that we have been able to achieve success in our business while remaining environmentally responsible over the past 27 years is a boon. From subtropical Malawi, to hyper-arid Namibia, the broad savannah mosaic of much of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and the enormous variety of South Africa, the area covering the southern third of the African continent is hugely diverse and exciting.

Static Map to be incorporated of Southern Africa Botswana expandable On expansion static map of Botswana and its camps to feature Botswana is comprised largely of the Kalahari Desert, within which lies the Okavango Delta, a wonderful blue-green wetland considered to be one of Africa's most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuaries. This dynamic waterworld contrasts with an ecosystem driven by different stimuli in the Linyanti and Selinda region in the north of the country and with the vast expanses of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the centre.

El conquistador

Little Mombo Camp Okavango Delta etc Malawi as soon as you expand a new country the previous one should contract so that you are not scrolling down far Malawi is a little-known gem of a country in the heart of central-southern Africa that offers a true African experience in terms of scenery, wildlife and people.

Dominated by the blue shining Lake Malawi, the country is vibrant and colourful; the friendliness of its people has given it the epithet of the 'warm heart of Africa'. Although Namibia is the driest country south of the Sahara there is still an abundance of life: from the towering Sossusvlei dunes in the south, to the wildlife of Etosha towards the north. The Himba, one of the last true nomadic tribes on Earth, still live a traditional life here.

Powder-soft white sands on coconut fringed beaches lie adjacent to the brilliant colours of the coral atolls while above them rise granite peaks shrouded in verdant mountaintop forests. Within this bowl-shaped landmass, where two oceans meet, lies a wealth of diversity, from rainforest to desert, savannah to mountains - and all the life that that entails. Landlocked in central Africa, it has a remarkably low population in a deceptively massive country means that this is still Africa undiscovered with a timeless sense of wilderness.

History of Spanish Literature (vol. 2 of 3)

Camps in Zambia Kapinga Camp Kafue National Park Shumba Camp Kafue National Park etc Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is cradled by two great African rivers - the myth-shrouded perennial Zambezi and the "great grey green greasy" seasonal Limpopo - between which two majestic watercourses lies a wealth of scenic landscapes, remnants of ancient civilisations and incredible wildlife. There are three categories of camps: Premier, Classic and Wilderness Adventures.

Premier Camps This is the highest level of camps in our portfolio and comprises our most elegant and stylised accommodation. These camps combine luxury, superbly designed architecture with the warm comforts of home and personal service. Each Premier Camp has its own individual style, as well as additional features such as salas for a soothing midday siesta. Classic Camps Our Classic camps are generally tented camps, although a few are lodges built from permanent structures.

All these camps offer superb facilities and accommodation, the bedrooms being slightly smaller than those of our Premier camps.

Illuminatus! Trilogy

Many of the Classic camps tents are raised off the ground with interconnecting walkways. All tents have en-suite bathrooms. View our Classic Camps Wilderness Adventures Wilderness Adventures was born of a need for an authentic back-to-basics experience that is aimed at everyone from nature enthusiasts to young-at-heart travellers and families. The camps are larger than the Classic or Premier styles, consisting of smaller, yet comfortable, en-suite canvas and thatch tents with rustic finishes.

The emphasis in each camp however is on its main area, a convivial, friendly place to relax and enjoy good food and excellent company, the outcome being an active, involved and vibrant safari experience. Our Exploration safaris take advantage of exclusive locations, mostly in private concessions, offering our guests a select, spectacular journey through pristine areas enjoying the most outstanding wildlife viewing in Africa.

There are three types of Explorations: Discoverer, Adventurer and Trails.

VUELTA - Definition and synonyms of vuelta in the Spanish dictionary

Discoverer Discoverer Explorations are a deluxe range of mobile safaris that have the advantage of superb locations, taking our guests on a select, spectacular journey through the most remote wilderness areas to enjoy outstanding wildlife viewing in Africa. Our itineraries provide exciting encounters with the most diverse, renowned and scenic areas in each country. Adventurer Adventurer Explorations camps are pre-erected in prime, shady sites, close to the wildlife.

These camps have "maxi" dome tents which are surprisingly spacious and sport stretchers and cotton linen. Thanks to easy mobility these safaris explore the most remote and secret corners of the subcontinent. View our Adventurer Explorations Trails Trails Explorations are not accommodation specific - Adventurer dome tents and Discoverer Meru tents as well as sleeping platforms are used - and are defined rather by the self-propelled nature of the experience, whether this be on foot, canoe or bicycle.

Wildlife and other attractions differ from region to region and we highly recommend that you book one these packages or you speak to your closest agent who will be able to recommend an itinerary to suit your needs. Packages to be attached as PDFs.

La vuelta al mundo en 80 días Primera Parte

Wilderness Safaris strives to operate in an environmentally sustainable way see Conservation Focus for more information and in doing so we also run our own conservation and community projects, such as monitoring and evaluation of species, research including Masters and PhD studies , rehabilitation, relocation and reintroduction of mammals, to name a few.

To view some our projects click here. Wilderness Safaris also has two non-profit organisations that further our conservation work, educational outreach and sustainable development: Wilderness Wildlife Trust The Wilderness Wildlife Trust was set up as a separate entity to run wildlife and community related projects, not only at many of our camps but also other deserving projects that address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local communities. The goal of the Trust is to make a difference to Africa, her wildlife and her people.

Children in the Wilderness Children in the Wilderness is our hugely successful local children's programme. It is an environmental and life skills educational programme that focuses on the next generation of rural decision makers. It is one of the few programmes aimed at bridging the divide that exists between communities and wildlife. Children in the Wilderness hosts rural children that live alongside our Parks and Reserves and teaches them the importance of conservation.

The Children in the Wilderness programme aims to develop environmental leaders who are inspired to care for their natural heritage so that they become the custodians of these areas in the future. For more information go to the Children in the Wilderness website. Wilderness Safaris does not take direct bookings, but works exclusively through a well-developed global network of destination specialists. Please fill in the enquiry form [here] and your query will be forwarded to a travel specialist near you who will contact you further to assist in planning a superb journey that will meet with both your budget and expectations.

Nuestros campamentos no tienen un estilo fijo. Vea nuestra lista de premios. Contamos con tres tipos de Expediciones: Explorador, Aventurero y Rastreador. Aventureros Nuestras expediciones para aventureros se desarrollan en enclaves ocultos de primera y cercanos a la vida salvaje. Hay mucho que hacer y ver, y esto puede resultar bastante confuso. Wilderness Safaris no acepta reservas directas. I have always considered that to be a good translator you need to develop the art of subtlety words belong to the universe of the subtle.

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As a linguist, literary critic and, most importantly, as a writer, I manage, defend and use all the different shades of meaning words and combination of words have in my work I love words and they seem to love me too. I have a flexible schedule that allows me to adapt my timetable to the needs of any project.

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I have never missed a deadline and no client has complained about the quality of my work yet. Although I am a Spanish native speaker, my English language proficiency level is almost as good as my Spanish one. Keywords: Spanish, translator, English to Spanish translation, Spanish to English translation, humanities, philology, linguistics, literature, film, music, education, PhD, history, philosophy, religion, subtitling, tourism, travel, web site, gastronomy. This profile has received 3 visits in the last month, from a total of 3 visitors.

Os va a encantar la zona.