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Thanks for posting it krysalia! Actually you are right about the part to "look hard", the life of diabetics is not made easy and I had to look very hard to find all those products during this last years, after the diagnosis. Those products are mixed in a vast choice of sugared products, and presented with no different colors or style for their packagings, so if you don't look specifically for them, they do not "pop out" and a lot of people, even diabetics searching for them, miss them. French supermarkets made the choice to put light colas in the middle of colas, light sirups in the middle of regular sirups, light tonics in the middle of other tonics and so on Life of the diabetics would be easier if they have chosen to make "the mighty diabetic extra aisle for all light beverages"!

The sweet comes from the liquorice extract not so much liquorice taste as one would beleive , and the flavor added like mint or grapefruit is natural based. And I love me my Splenda. I've tried Stevia and other "natural" no-cal sweeteners, and they're just hideous to me. I guess we'll see how bad the semi-natural Spelnda fairs years from now. For now, I'll take it as my bad vice. Sure did miss it when I was in Japan earlier this year.

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Though I did see a lot more diet drinks than there used to be a couple of years ago. I wonder why? Bummer about the rice. Not surprised, but I can see where that would be something sorely missed. I imagine though that if you're otherwise taking care of yourself, the occasional rice isn't going to hurt much. I've been diagnosed recently with type 2 diabetes. As a bento addict ;- I am looking forward to your posts on this issue. Unfortunately, doing some research on my side, I have reached the same conclusions as yours, but I think you missed something here.

It's the whole meal composition that needs to be looked at in order to decrease GI, so for example even plain rice can be welcome in a meal if you make sure you use a small portion and add plenty of vegetables fibers and proteins. You could also add plenty of fat to lower GI, but on a long term this is a bad idea, a small amount is sufficient Concerning noodles, well, I stick to italian-style whole-wheat ones, they're not too bad I just don't eat a full plate anymore.

This is really sad for the pasta-lover that I am.

One food I want to learn to cook more often is chickpeas, lentils etc. They're good for diabetics: full of fibers, proteins, yet filling and with a low GI. Unfortunately, they require some planning ahead as they are long to cook, so not ideal in a busy life. Cans can help, but you lose the diversity you can find in dried beans. By the way, now you've moved to the south of France, you should be able to get first-hand fresh coco beans.

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Lucky you! On the contrary, I have not missed the whole meal composition issue. I did mention that I am personally restricting the amount of rice or other carbs I'm eating at the moment, not totally eliminating them. This was more of an information article so that people can know about the various components of Japanese food, and make their own decisions. You can pre-cook big batches of chickpeas, lentils, etc and freeze them ready to put in whatever. Saves a lot of time and you avoid the tinned taste and the price of the canned ones.

Lucky Juice, Spisska Nova Ves

E from the Medi I'm currently doing south beach diet for weight loss so this was very interesting to me. I know exactly what you mean, missing the "bland tasting foil"! I feel that all the time now but currently don't dare to inroduce rice back into my diet since I love it so much. I also try to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible since based on all that i've read they are all harmful in their way.

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I currently try to avoid sweetened food all together and use a little bit of Agave syrup as a sweetener now and then but just read that it might be as bad as high fructose corn syrup which is said to be the worst sugar ever for your health. I would recommend Stevia, as it's all natural, really does have zero calories, and does not at all affect the bloodsugar, and it even prevents toothdecay: I have been using stevia myself for years now, and it's great :. I've been deluding myself that brown Japanese rice and soba are lower carb Thanks for all your research and sharing it with us.

I didn't realize different rice had different GI. Doctor Fedora. I'd actually have to disagree with the "Japanese beverages don't contain artificial sweeteners" thing. By the way, your blog is amazing overall and you can't be thanked enough for it. My also-American girlfriend and I took a road trip to Aomori from Fukui! With sliced garlic, or sesame seeds, or any of a number of other delicious things in it! It's some tasty stuff, though, and does an outstanding job in the furikake department.

The statement was comparative. I didn't say that there are no zero-calorie artificially sweetened drinks in Japan, but compared to the U. Also, I never said that artificial sweeteners are not available in Japan, but that if you wanted to put some in your beverage at a cafe that you had to bring your own. Ah, I see your point. I probably phrased my initial response in an overly confrontational manner I've been dealing with a cold or allergies or something despite the intense heat and humidity ; my intended point was that while in America you can definitely find vast numbers of drinks sweetened specifically with artificial stuff, in Japan you're suddenly seeing artificial sweeteners just about everywhere e.

From what I've been seeing, though, this has been quite a recent trend i.


I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to mention that acesulfame potassium, or "Ace K" as it is sometimes known, is indeed frequently used in the US. Look for it towards the bottom of the ingredients list in diet soft drinks, generally in conjunction with another sweetener like aspartame.

It is also used in things like protein supplements and OTC medicines to make them taste better. Hi, I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes earlier this year, and being asian, I've also had to spend some time figuring out how to substitute refined carbs like white rice for other things. I totally agree with you about needing a bland foil for some dishes that are highly seasoned and saucy. I've used pearl barley and quinoa as my rice substitutes and it's not bad. I certainly miss the texture of regular rice, but what can you do? Just have to get used to whole grains, and there are certainly plenty of them to try.

Office Lady Love Juice - Wikipedia

I've switched to whole wheat pasta but still have to watch portions, as those are still high GI. I figure it's best to eat the higher carb items right before I do a workout so that I can burn off any excess sugars.

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And I've just tried shirataki noodles today for the first time. The texture's a little odd, but it's pretty good. I had it in a chicken broth with some chinese bbq pork and napa cabbage. It definitely satisfies my noodle craving. Anyway, good luck with your diet. It's taken me the last 6 months to figure things out and it's still a matter of trial and error. But it's not bad, and in way, being told you're any sort of diabetic is like forcing you to be health and nutrition conscious everyday.

Believe me, I wasn't before! Hi Maki, This has nothing to do with the diabetes post. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. Anyway, I was getting a bit depressed looking in the grocery stores here and in particular the small Asian grocers. About a month ago I happened upon your site and I've been seriously hooked. My husband and children have been eating a lot of your recipes! It has really inspired me to be more creative and to have hope that its not impossible to eat well and eat some Asian food while I'm here.

Been to Lucky Juice? Share your experiences!

I'm really happy I discovered you! I have a random question.. I've tried the Crusta Baguettes yum , even some of the topline containers. Like sweet potatoes, taro I know most potatoes are high GI, but new potatoes are not, but I don't know about taro! Please do share what you find about which Japanese veggies are low-carb.

Japanese Shredded Cabbage Salad

I am fighting my second round with diabetes after having it gestational many years ago. Richard Bernstein's low-carb plan works very well for me now. Diabetes can come in many packages as you mentioned.

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I am caucasian but very thin and petite and have T2, mostly likely a misdiagnosed T 1. Anyway, having a large part of my diet made up of veggies, and having one foot in Japan and one in America, I too wonder about veggies like gobo, renkon etc. Some veggies I assume are low-carb like their counterparts in the U.

Kabocha is one I wonder about. Canned pumpkin and spaghetti squash are lowcarb but the squashes like butternut, acorn etc. Well, we always have our meter to do experiments with and tell us! Best of health to you on your journey. Unfortunately renkon lotus root is fairly high carb, though it's also high fibre too of course.