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See a Problem?

At her right sat the queerly assorted Jury--animals, animated dummies and people--all gravely prepared to listen to what was said. She half rose, by a glance inviting Pierre, who sat opposite, to listen to what was coming, and turning to her mother:. Quinn made me listen to the details of each unsuccessful attempt before he finally, got around to the facts. Katie pretended to listen as Hannah discussed the Paris fashion show she'd attended and the month in Monte Carlo she'd spend in January to escape the coldest weather.

Listen to the words— 'smoke and whiskey breath of those who visited here' and look at the pronoun. Carmen was always willing to listen , whether it was something happening at work or his plans about the wildlife safari. Instead of everyone running around, slipping and sliding, shoveling slushy muck and shivering, here people just shift into a lower gear, listen to the quiet and enjoy the temporary peace.

Previously he had talked a great deal, grew excited when he talked, and seldom listen ed; now he was seldom carried away in conversation and knew how to listen so that people readily told him their most intimate secrets. He agreed to keep our conversation limited to the two of us and is willing to listen to you. She didn't let herself listen to the instinct that told her the body she'd seen was wearing the clothes she bought him.

In mentioning a visit to Lexington, Mass. Listen to every zephyr for some reproof, for it is surely there, and he is unfortunate who does not hear it. And having got rid of this young man who did not know how to behave, she resumed her duties as hostess and continued to listen and watch, ready to help at any point where the conversation might happen to flag. He well remembered the last interview he had had with the old prince at the time of the enrollment, when in reply to an invitation to dinner he had had to listen to an angry reprimand for not having provided his full quota of men.

She could not follow the opera nor even listen to the music; she saw only the painted cardboard and the queerly dressed men and women who moved, spoke, and sang so strangely in that brilliant light. Kutuzov seemed preoccupied and did not listen to what the general was saying. It was plain that he was making an effort to listen , but could not do so. Betsy absented herself, feeling it unfair to listen if the other couldn't. Effie bubbled away to anyone who'd listen while Claire stood looking over the gathering with undisguised disdain. Another says clever things and one doesn't care to listen , but this one talks rubbish yet stirs an old fellow up.

– Listen Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

She did not listen to or look at Vera, who was telling her something about her own green dress. Bennigsen, who had chosen the position, warmly displayed his Russian patriotism Kutuzov could not listen to this without wincing by insisting that Moscow must be defended. If you listen really hard to what his body tells you, you can save him. Listen … listen … listen … He slapped his forehead with his palm in a rhythmic beat, waiting for some sort of divine inspiration.

Listen , my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. He took his stand on the forward deck, while the robber sailors stood in a half circle before him, anxious to listen to his song. You must remember, dear teacher, that Greek parents were very particular with their children, and they used to let them listen to wise words, and I think they understood some of them. Princess Mary did not listen to the end, but continuing her train of thought turned to her sister-in-law with a tender glance at her figure.

Prince Andrew recognized him and stopped to listen to what he was saying. He seemed to listen attentively to what Prince Vasili said, but kept glancing at Princess Mary. As soon as Prince Andrew began to demonstrate the defects of the latter and the merits of his own plan, Prince Dolgorukov ceased to listen to him and gazed absent-mindedly not at the map, but at Prince Andrew's face.

Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

The generals seemed to listen reluctantly to the difficult dispositions. I will tell him myself, and you'll listen at the door, and Natasha ran across the drawing room to the dancing hall, where Denisov was sitting on the same chair by the clavichord with his face in his hands. They told her where the barn was and how she should stand and listen , and they handed her a fur cloak. After Kaysarov, others whom Pierre knew came up to him, and he had not time to reply to all the questions about Moscow that were showered upon him, or to listen to all that was told him.

You'd better listen to what people are saying, said some of the mob pointing to the tall youth.

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They all raised their heads to listen , and out of the forest into the bright firelight stepped two strangely clad human figures clinging to one another. Jonny wouldn't listen to his nagging sister, but he'd darned well listen to a man as terrifying as Dusty could be. She wasn't looking forward to being in the room with Alex right now - especially so with the children there to listen. I tried to warn Yancey before they were married, but he wouldn't listen. Molly continued to hold Clair, even feeding her a bottle as Martha explained the mechanics of capturing mother's milk while the rest of us pretended not to listen.

While they had made no effort to be quiet, they now moved forward with caution, pausing every few steps to listen. If Wynn were to tell you something about your illness, good or bad, you'd listen? Listen , I know I'm not any good at these affairs of the heart, but I am a man, and a man needs time to sit on things before he figures out where his head is at. He wanted to listen in when she talked to Skippy in case he got out of line, so hurried downstairs.

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Listen , Kris, I'm not trying to be an ass, but logistically and in practicality, there's no reason for us to maintain the Council. Listen , I checked out the names of the people who ordered the Sentinel and caught a winner! Fred was so sticky-sweet on the phone with the landlady that Dean took a break and used the john just so he wouldn't have to listen to the dribble.

Just Listen

Bad enough the kitty has to suffer without any good country music to listen to, now she doesn't have any company either. To listen to her talk, you'd think he was six feet tall and bullet proof. Actually, all she wanted to do was alert him that she was nervous about it, but if it made him feel better to know she was willing to discuss intimacy with him now, then she would listen. It's just such a nice day that I thought I'd come out and listen to the birds. She should be a friend and listen , but this wasn't any of her business.

It hurt to think he questioned her fidelity, but at least he was willing to listen to reason. Hang in there — and when you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen. She'd learned to stop thinking when in the ring with him and listen to her senses, to include the mind control talent. She smiled, honored he'd listen to a message that went against every part of who he was while desperately wishing she could be more assured about the outcomes she Saw.

Jenn chose a direction and paused at the first intersection to listen for anyone approaching. The sound of someone creeping through the brush made him pause in his descent to listen. A father could go only so far with things like that until the son would cease to listen. If anyone had a chance of getting Senor Medena to listen , it was Alex. Brandon peppered her with questions, until she finally gave him her cell and let him listen to the messages.

Now Just Listen

I take it you don't listen to the messages women leave on your assistant's phone. Jessi tried not to listen but wasn't able to shake the vision of the dreamy look on the woman's face as she relived the night. She whirled to see Xander place it to his ear and listen curiously. Listen to a story and weep.

There was a good artist called Watelet, the best aquafortis engraver of his day. Virginius presented himself with his daughter before the tribunal of Appius, who, refusing to listen to any argument, declared Virginia to be a slave and the property of Marcus. The same society which produced his infamous favourites also produced St Philip of Moscow, and by refusing to listen to St Philip Ivan sank below even the not very lofty moral standard of his own age.

In October of this last year, however, the duke of Savoy, who came then to assist in person at the great religious feasts which celebrated the return of the country to unity of faith, expatriated such of the leading men as obstinately refused even to listen to the Catholic arguments. Arneth was an indefatigable worker, and, as director of the archives, his broad-minded willingness to listen to the advice of experts, as well as his own sound sense, did much to promote the more scientific treatment and use of public records in most of the archives of Europe.

She even consented to listen to the exhortations of the preacher John Willock. Despite the urgent efforts of Joseph Bonaparte and Talleyrand to bend the First Consul, he refused to listen to these proposals. His last act was to listen while on his death-bed to the reading of the preliminaries of the treaty of Paris. Unhappily Frederick preferred to put his Sicilian house in order, and the legate preferred to listen to the Italians, who had their own 3 A canon of the third Lateran council forbade traffic with the Saracens in munitions of war; and this canon had been renewed by Innocent in the beginning of his pontificate.