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Dolce legame d'amore, tu puoi sconfiggere i miei nemici e contenere la loro furia. Wohl denen, die im Sarge liegen Und auf den Schall der Engel hofften! Jesu, mache mir doch nur, Wie Stephano, den Himmel offen! Mein Herz ist schon bereit, Zu dir hinaufzusteigen. Du magst mir Gruft und Grab Und meinen Jesum zeigen. Beati coloro che riposano nella tomba attendendo la chiamata degli angeli!

Vieni, vieni, giorno benedetto! Concludo velocemente la mia esistenza terrena, aspetto il momento di partire con gioia. Mio Salvatore, muoio con un ardente desiderio, ecco qui la mia anima, cosa mi darai? Home Page. Occasione: Secondo giorno di Natale [S. Aria [Basso].

Oboi, Taille, Violini, Viola, Basso continuo. Gc 1, Recitativo S. Recitativo [Soprano]. The generation of Roberto Devereux was overshadowed by a serious crisis in the life of the composer.

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During the previous year, Donizetti had lost both his parents and then his wife Virginia Vaselli delivered a stillborn baby. In June , another child died during birth. On July 30, his wife died at the age of Therefore, the rehearsals for the premier began at the end of August ; and consequently most of the score had to be written in the month following his wife's death. Additionally, a cholera epidemic delayed again the start of rehearsals. Within a few years, the opera's success [2] had caused it to be performed in most European cities including Paris on 27 December , for which he wrote an overture which quoted, anachronistically, "God Save the Queen"; London on 24 June ; Rome in ; Palermo in ; in Pavia in and ; and in Naples on 18 December The beginning of the 20th century revivals of Roberto Devereux started at the San Carlo in Naples in , [2] the revival starring Leyla Gencer.

The Metropolitan Opera New York performed a new production of the piece in , starring Sondra Radvanovsky , who also appeared the same season at the Met in the title roles of Donizetti's Anna Bolena and Maria Stuarda. Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex , favorite of Queen Elisabeth, has been removed from office as Governor of Ireland because, acting on his own initiative, he has agreed to a ceasefire with the rebels.

Following an attempted uprising, he is awaiting his trial for high treason in London.

Italian Sayings About Food - LingQ Blog

Scene 1: The Great Hall at Westminster. Sara, Duchess of Nottingham, is trying in vain to hide her tears from the eyes of the Court, as she reads the sad story of Fair Rosamond , the unfortunate lover of King Henry II of England , and therein recognizes a very similar situation to her own. She is in love with Robert Devereux, her husband's closest friend.

Elizabeth enters and states that, at the insistence of Nottingham, she has agreed to see Robert once again, now that he has returned from Ireland accused of treason Duchessa..

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Alle fervide preci. The Queen is willing to release him without charges if she can be sure of his continued loyalty. To Sara's gradual dismay, the Queen reveals her love for Robert L'amor suo mi fe' beata. Cecil enters and announces that Parliament is waiting for an answer from the Queen regarding the charges against Robert, since it considers her too lenient towards him, but she refuses to sign the death warrant proposed by the Royal Council.

Robert enters and, in a conversation overheard by the increasingly distraught Sara, Elizabeth declares her love for him. Now alone together, Elizabeth promises Robert that the ring she once gave him will always be the pledge of his safety should he ever return it to her. The dream of bygone happy days is shattered by an inappropriate comment by Robert, who assumes that Elizabeth knows the secret of his love for Sara. The Queen, increasingly jealous, demands that Robert name the woman he loves. He denies that he loves anyone Nascondi, frena i palpiti , and then the Queen leaves.

Nottingham, Robert's friend and supporter, enters and the two men discuss Robert's situation and Nottingham's concerns about his wife's behaviour after he has observed her embroidering a blue shawl Forse in quel cor sensible, Qui ribelle ognum ti chiama. The two men are interrupted by Cecil demanding that Nottingham attend a meeting of the Peers of the Realm.

blood under the bridge

Sara is alone when Robert enters, declaring her to be faithless because she has married Nottingham while he was in Ireland. She defends herself saying that it was the Queen's idea and that she was forced to do her bidding. At the same time, seeing the ring on Robert's finger, she assumes it to be a love token from the Queen, and tells him that they must never see each other again, giving him the blue shawl as a love token. Robert makes plans to escape.

The Queen approaches Cecil to find out what has been decided. Cecil declares that the sentence is death. The Queen, asking Raleigh why the whole process took so long, learns that Robert had a shawl in his possession which he resisted giving over. It is handed to her.

Nottingham enters and pleads for Robert's life Non venni mai si mesto , insisting that he is innocent, but the Queen continues to describe how she knows that Robert has been unfaithful and, when he is brought in, confronts him, showing him the scarf. Nottingham sees it as well and recognizes it. Furious, he declares that he will have vengeance; while at the same time, Elizabeth offers Robert his freedom if he reveals the name of her rival. He refuses and she signs the death warrant, announcing that a cannon shot will be heard as the axe falls.

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Nottingham fumes that the axe is not a suitable punishment. Alone, Sara receives Robert's ring along with a letter from him.

IL GIORNO DELL'ODIO (2012) [Film Completo]

In it, he tells her to take the ring to Elizabeth and beg for mercy.