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It was wrong not to, but the idea that he was part demon was not exactly an easy thing to cope with, especially during a time of crisis. Besides, was it really the lying that upset her or was it the fact that he had demon in him. It made him potentially dangerous and Rebecca did not like things that were dangerous, especially demons.

How would you feel if you found out you were half demon? The people who mattered to me. Besides, when have we met a trustworthy demon? Have we ever?

Dark Ascension

Demons hunt us and kill us, or enslave us, but they do not love us, and they do not help take care of us. He likes you. Rebecca looked down; her face burned pink.

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Sure, he might not have wanted to see me die, but it was all for you. Errol turned away and stormed off without another word. Rebecca sat with her hands in her face, sobbing and confused.

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Fox watched and forced himself not to try and comfort her. Well, I was successful! It ended up having a Thanksgiving release date, but I messed up. Right after I published, the holiday happened, my five-year wedding anniversary happened, and then work slammed me with two fourteen-hour shifts a week. Insanity is my middle name, though. Kit is my Eponine, and it feels great to tell her story.

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So, without further ado, Becoming the Night! With exceptional strength and the ability to heal ten times faster than an average person, Kit Cartwright has never felt like a normal teenage girl.

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One night, she and Sky are awoken to the world going to hell with monsters that fall from the sky and ravage their city. This novella is part of the Dark Ascension series and features Kit, the tragic and feisty half-demon. It spans from before the demon apocalypse to the events that took place in Land of No Mortals. The idea was for everyone to write a story where one of our characters met a fortune teller of some sort. Well, the story I wrote takes place in the Dark Ascension world Before the Ascension and features two of the characters from the series.

It was so much fun writing this short, and I hope everyone has fun reading it, as well as the other stories on the blog hop. Bryce brushed his shaggy hair out of his eyes and stared at the decrepit house before him. He had almost missed the handmade sign that leaned against one of the weatherworn posts framing the front porch.

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  7. He wiped his sweating palms on dingy, ripped jeans and sighed. The need to find out if his plan was on the right track outweighed the uneasiness radiating from the boarded up house. With hesitant steps, Bryce ascended the steps toward the front door. In his peripheral vision, he saw the curtains shift behind the grimy window next to him. Before his knuckles reached the door, it swung open.

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    A scrawny young woman with wild, short hair and flushed cheeks stood before him. Bryce hesitated.

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    This was not what he had expected the psychic to look like. Her voice drawled apathetically.

    Dark Ascension: A Generation V Novel

    Her head perked up. They stared at each other in awkward silence until the woman walked away into the house. Bryce followed behind her and shut the door. Unsure if he should follow, Bryce stopped at the bottom of the stairs before the entry way.

    He was half-tempted to leave, but his gut insisted he stay. After a few minutes, the woman led a small child by the shoulders. Her distant, blue eyes penetrated Bryce, but at the same time, they seemed to look past him. Behind him, the woman snapped at Mallory. Give him a sample. Add to Wishlist. Want a shipping estimate for this item? Outlying Islands U. Return Policy Here at Popcultcha, we take pride in ensuring that your goods are packed carefully and arrive safely to your nominated delivery address. Write A Review Overall. Leave your review Login to your account. Submit Review.

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